Sunday, October 12, 2014

VINTED konkurso laimėtoja

sveikos, merginos! labai ačiū už dalyvavimą konkurse, buvo labai įdomu pamatyti jūsų rudeninius pasirinkimus! laimėtoją rinkau atsitiktinai - man tai padaryti pradėjo atsitiktinio skaičiaus rinkimo programa. ir laimėtoja yra Urtė (vinted: dorea)! tikiuosi už 70lt išsirinksi naują šiltą šaliką, be kurio, kaip minėjai, negali išgyventi rudenį. sveikinu! xo

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


šiandien kalbu lietuviškai, nes turiu puikią žinią būtent jums, mano lietuvės skaitytojos! tikriausiai kiekviena svajoja apie savo rudens garderobo papildymą naujais drabužiais ar aksesuarais, todėl kartu su siūlome laimėti apsipirkimą už 70lt šioje merginų, taip pat ir mano, pamėgtoje svetainėje. kadangi aš jau rašiau apie savo rudens must have, dabar atėjo laikas jums parodyti ar papasakoti apie drabužius, be kurių neįsivaizduojate savo rudeninės spintos!

1. komentare turite palikti nuotraukos nuorodą ar papasakoti apie drabužį, kuris yra svarbiausias jūsų šių metų rudeninėje spintoje. 
2. būtinai turite būti nare.
3. komentare taip pat turite parašyti savo vardą, el. paštą ir nario vardą.

laimėtoją paskelbsiu spalio 11d.
laukiu jūsų komentarų!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

closet for autumn

autumn comes and the weather is getting colder. sometimes i wish i lived somewhere where it's hot all year round because i don't like cold weather or rain. but september in lithuania was quite warm this year. anyway, as the weather changes, your closet must change too. it's sad to hide all the crop tops and bring sweaters back to life. and today i have these three back to school/college outfits that contains the main items for the chilly autumn weather.

blazer from mango || pants and blouse from seconhand || shoes from clarks
first outfit quite simple but classy, maybe too classy for school, but anyway, why not? i like classy style now and my friends say that i have too much black in my closet. but black always fits and looks good, doesn't it? this time i paired my black pants with white blazer which completes this b&w look very well. and i think that these oxford shoes are the best for autumn because i can match them with pants, i can pair them with skirts and they fit every outfit. so i'm in love with these lovelies and i'm happy to have them.

jacket from hilfiger || skirt from stradivarius || boots from local market 
my second outfit is perfect for going to school during those dark and rainy days. i don't know what would i do without those boots because when it rains everyone is annoyed with their wet feet meanwhile i can jump into the puddles without worrying about getting wet. one of the basics for school is a backpack. this one has seen a lot - i don't know for how many years it has been travelling with my mom, me or my sister. it looks small but i can contain a lot inside. and the last item - my hilfiger jacket which i find very comfortable and adorable, it has that american college style that i like very much.

sweater, skirt and bracelet from ginatricot || shoes from zara || coat from sheinside || earrings from h&m
and the last outfit  - a bit dark but also classy outfit. what i wear a lot lately is this high-waisted pencil skirt. interesting, because this month i have worn it many more times than ever before even though i have it in my closet for about two years. of course, you can't live without a coat when it's autumn - this coat is one of these essential clothing items for the cold weather. ant these shoes - beautiful but painful. i only can walk short distances while wearing them. anyway, they are great choice for cold or even rainy days. and when you don't want to put your books into a simple bag or a backpack, you can  choose a briefcase which is handy and looks smart.

how's autumn for you? what do you think about the essential items for autumn?