Friday, April 24, 2015


yesterday we went to DEICHMANN meet with bloggers in XCelsior. it was pretty cool to meet a huge squad of bloggers in there. we heard some success stories (one of them was about spintos guru blog which was probably the first one blog that i read), had tasty champagne and snacks and just spent some great time being photographed from all the sides in there. later we had to do a task - to choose a pair of shoes, a bag and a scarf and create some kind of outfit. i felt like in america's next top model where girls have to run to get the best pieces. all the evening i kept my eye on nikes, so the first thing that i grabbed was them. and guess what? my choice was one of the best!
after all we had some time to take pictures in the elegant rooms and just to have small talks. of course, when we were leaving, organisers handed us bags with a gift inside. we all love gifs, we all do. so i want to say a huge thank you to deichmann for organising an evening like this and inviting all the best bloggers!
but this was only the beginning of the evening - where we went further in the next post!

fur jacket from newyorker || skirt from gina tricot || top from friend's closet || shoes - docs

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


a couple of weeks ago i got a samsung galaxy a3 phone to try for some time. this phone was described as 'blogger phone' because of its appearance and funny camera options. as iphone lover myself, i thought ok, let's try this one. and yes, it really looks good - the size is really convenient and the appearance is pretty and sleek. of course, it's difficult to talk about functions that are in every phone - mail, messages, games, etc - because it's pretty the same in all the phones. but what i really like in galaxy a3 - camera options. with this one you can make gifs - the moving pictures that are so funny! also there is a selfie function when you show your palm to the camera and the phone sets camera timer automatically and takes a shot - you don't need to push the button while taking a selfie. what was quite disappointing - the resolution of the front camera, the back camera is ok. as a phone that is created for bloggers, it could have a better camera because we need to take pictures of every moment.
for the people that don't need super huge phone but want something elegant and convenient, i would suggest buying this samsung galaxy a3!

Friday, April 10, 2015


negaliu patikėti, kad praėjo jau ir antroji savaitė nuo MI. time flies, taip? šiandien rodau savo antrosios mados infekcijos dienos aprangą. vienas iš mano mėgstamiausių drabužių pasirinkimų vakarui. ir štai vėl grįžau prie juodos. net nebekeista.
 kelnės - zara || palaidinė - h&m || batai - danija 
ir štai mūsų žavioji kompanija. apsilankykite Simonos ir Martinos bloguose!
o už nuotraukas dėkoju Dianai!